Amanda Murphy, RN shares her insights and experience of more than 40 years in the health-care field through informative, dynamic, thought-provoking workshops and coaching which invite participants to experience wellness. Having worked in many areas of health care, Amanda is able to bridge the divide between conventional and holistic/integrative health paradigms, helping you to understand how to best meet your health needs. Amanda compares and contrasts elements of conventional health care with integrative/holistic health care, empowering others with knowledge. Amanda’s knowledge has come from many sources including personal experience, the best teacher. Her personal relationship with “dis-ease” and unenlightened care-givers has taught her the importance of self-care, stress management, and personal responsibility that lead to self-empowerment and wellness. Amanda has studied Holistic Health at VT College, with Seeds & Bridges Center for Holistic Nursing Education, with Bernie Siegel at ECaP (Exceptional Cancer Patients,) with Brian Luke Seaward of Paramount Wellness Institute, with the National Institute of Whole Health, with Millie Grenough of Oasis in the Overwhelm and with others. Her credentials include:


 In addition to public speaking, health and wellness coaching, and a private practice of bodywork  & aromatherapy for stress management, Amanda practices community nursing, using holistic  tools and concepts to assist patients and their families. Amanda has presented holistic workshops at professional conferences, retreat centers, academic settings, private residences and in the corporate and municipal settings. Past participants of Amanda’s workshops have commented on her wealth of knowledge, her down-to-earth presentations, and her ability to create fun.

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