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Enterprising Women and Health…


Women are typically the keepers of health practices and assurance. We see to it that our family members keep routine doctor’s appointments, eat a balanced diet, receive appropriate medical attention for sudden or prolonged illness, and avoid risky and unhealthy behaviors as we also keep tabs on the newest health information.

Yesterday I was privileged to attend the Enterprising Women conference in Hyannis, which, while billed as a business and networking experience, contained many overtones of health and wellness. There were several great speakers who spoke on achieving our hearts desire, personal branding and confidence building, surviving crisis, and leadership traits. The speakers spoke from the heart, sometimes risking honest emotion which connected the audience to them. The presenters weren’t simply instructing us on how to do these things, they were authentically revealing their own struggles and successes on the topics. There were tears, laughter, and speaker anxiety shared with a room full of supportive women.

Experiential segments included short journaling exercises designed to help us manifest our visions and group craft projects, designing Christmas gift bags and ornaments for children in need.

Awards were given to local women business owners, inspiring everyone to reach higher, while providing a warm glow for those of us witnessing their successes.

The afternoon consisted of roundtable discussions sponsored by ABWA and SCORE. Facilitators helped women with diverse topics such as Striving for Work/Life Balance, Networking for the Introvert, and Incorporating Coaching into your Leadership. The discussions allowed women to learn from others as everyone shared their personal challenges.

All of the activities and presentations were inspirational while promoting self-awareness, self-confidence, benevolence, and networking; encouraging authenticity and vulnerability; providing large doses of inspiration; and even encouraging fun! All were therefore health-promoting since we know the value of helping others, catharsis, authenticity, journaling, fun and gaining support by connecting with others on our body-minds and spirits. As if all that weren’t enough, the conference put out an appetizing lunch with several healthy choices which reminded all of us to “Eat your veggies!”

Perhaps next year the promotions will include statements such as “Increase your business savvy while you promote personal health and wellness.” We received a hefty dose of both yesterday!

Who’s Taking Care of Mom, Wife, Friend, Sister, Daughter…..



Women are traditionally the care-takers. Whether you’re a nurse as I am or not, we as women are charged with taking care of others in a multitude of ways. We send out sympathy and birthday cards, plan dinners, provide support to a friend in need, attend PTA meetings and attend to a never ending list of other tasks that help support the family and our other relationships. But what do we do to take care of ourselves and where do we find the resources to keep our bodies/minds/spirits intact? And how do we nourish the well from which we must draw to nurture others? There’s no one right way to answer this but there are many things we can do to manage the stress that drains our energy and to fill the well from which we drink. Women’s Day of Wellness will provide you with many of the tips and techniques you need to help nurture and nourish yourself so you can be available to those you care for. We strongly encourage you to BRING A FRIEND although you will make new friends at the event if you come alone. This is a day for renewal, education, relaxation, connection, inspiration and FUN! Topics include:


Holistic Self Care

Organize Your Way to Wellness

Stress Management

Time Management for Stress Reduction

Experiential sessions include interactive presentations, songs, qi gong, yoga, guided imagery, “one stone” meditation, and zumba

thCA749MCKCall Amanda for more info: 508.862.6395 or register online at


Pink Washing – It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month



Trailer for Pink Ribbons Inc.


It’s October again – a month of incredible beauty with brilliant color thanks to Mother Nature. It’s also the month of continued “pink washing” by countless numbers of purveyors of women’s products and services. Purportedly designed to “raise awareness” pink washing is actually a way of selling to women through the pretense of prevention. Large corporations want us to believe they will donate money to research which will put an end to this tragic disease which affects one in eight women. (MA has the largest incidence of breast cancer in the country and Cape Cod has the unfortunate distinction of having the highest rate in MA.)

The truth is, however, that the money donated to research does not, by and large, go toward research to prevent breast cancer by determining and reducing the causes of this disease. Instead, the money goes toward “the cure” as more and more drugs are developed to treat symptoms once breast cancer has been diagnosed.

Pink washing disallows focus on the known contributors to the development of breast cancer as it focuses on profits at the expense of people in the name of “awareness.” Most of us are well aware of the stats and have close friends or family members who have been diagnosed with this disease. Pink washing fails to acknowledge the environmental factors which link known toxins to this deadly disease. More than 84,000 chemicals are registered for use in the US but only a paltry 7% of these have complete toxicology data. Wouldn’t our money be better spent on identifying the possible toxic effects of the remaining 93% of these chemicals and advocating for the elimination of those found culpable of contributing to the development of cancer?

And, in case anyone out there doesn’t already know, many of the companies who engage in “pink washing” are selling products with ingredients known to be linked with cancer and/or endocrine disruption. They are apparently counting on our ignorance to continue this practice.

The Breast Cancer Fund Blog lists 10 ways to reduce your chance of breast cancer:

  1. Lower your exposure to medical radiation. (There is no “safe” dose.)
  2. Eat only hormone-free meat and dairy products
  3. Avoid pesticides – eat organic fruits & veggies
  4. Choose chemical free cleaning products/make your own
  5. Avoid Teflon pans
  6. Avoid flame retardants present in clothing and furniture
  7. Read labels on health and beauty products. “Natural” is a meaningless term.
  8. Avoid triclosan. (Washing hands in plain soap and water is an effective way to reduce bacteria)
  9. Avoid canned foods (Contain BPA – a known endocrine disruptor)
  10. Avoid plastics that contain phthalates, especially polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which often has the recycling code 3.

Raise awareness that PREVENTION IS THE CURE! and forego the pink ribbons.


For more info the following sites are advised:

Silent Spring Institute

MA Breast Cancer Coalition

Breast Cancer Fund