In addition to her nursing credentials, Amanda is certified by the National Institute of Whole Health as a Whole Health Educator ™ * and has a certificate in Whole Health Coaching skills.  Rather than tell the health-care client what they must do for improved health and wellness, this model encourages the client to make their own health choices, empowered with evidence-based educational materials and discussion. This approach leads to more sustainable lifestyle changes which can lead to improved health.

A five-aspect model is used, exemplifying “whole” health – The Five Aspects of Health: Physical, emotional, nutritional, environmental, and spiritual ™ ©**.  Topics of interest are researched by Amanda, saving the client both time and energy as complex, often confusing health information is demystified and made simple.

Amanda is able to bridge the divide between conventional and holistic/integrative health models, having practiced in both arenas for many years. Her unique focus comes from these diverse perspectives as well as from her commitment to ongoing education. Furthermore, her personal relationship with “dis-ease” and unenlightened care-givers has taught her the importance of self-care, stress management, education, and personal responsibility that lead to self-empowerment and wellness. This experience has provided her with personal understanding of the process which contributes to her ability to empathize with her clients.

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*Whole Health Education is a registered trademark of the National Institute of Whole Health.

**The Five Aspects of Health is a registered trademark and copyright of the National Institute of Whole Health.