“The body is the sacred sanctuary of the soul. Care for it like a flower garden. Only when you honor, love, and cherish your body can your spirit soar.”    ~ Ilana  Rubenfeld

Located on beautiful Cape Cod (Mid-Cape – Yarmouth – area) Essential Touch is a Wellness Path for those who desire deep, healing relaxation as part of their overall stress-reduction and wellness plan. Whether after a day of work or a day at the beach, an Essential Touch session can contribute to your overall health, well-being, and need for relaxation. Gentle bodywork similar to massage therapy is combined with  Aromatherapy using pure essential oils and organic carrier oils, energy techniques, and a nurturing environment. Essential Touch can best be described as “physical hypnosis,” an exceptionally relaxing experience which counters the effects of everyday stress. This technique allows penetration of the oils while stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system – that part of the nervous system which counteracts the “stress-inducing” or sympathetic nervous system. Healing occurs within this space of deep relaxation in a safe, supportive, professional environment. Supported by research, caring, gentle Touch is Essential to health and well-being.

Your practitioner is a licensed Registered Nurse certified in Holistic Nursing, Whole Health Education®,* Holistic Stress Management, Clinical Aromatherapy, and the “m” Technique ® (bodywork similar to massage) among other modalities. Unlike typical massage practices, Essential Touch includes a holistic health assessment and stress management tips as part of an overall wellness and stress reduction plan of care. Health education, coaching, and/or referrals are provided if desired. Holistic health care recognizes the importance of self-care and self-empowerment  – individual choices are always respected.

Woman Receiving Massage at Spa  


$75 per one hour session

$55 per session when purchased as package of 3

$130 per two hour session which includes additional stress management/health coaching

Aromatherapy classes:

  • Aromatherapy is the art and science of using the natural healing power of essential oils, derived from various plant sources. The therapeutic value of essential oils is due to the vast numbers of natural chemicals produced by various plants. Science supports the use of essential oils for insomnia, stress reduction, pain, wounds, digestive upsets, respiratory conditions, and skin conditions, among other conditions. Since all essential oils are potent and many are actually toxic, you will learn which oils are safe to use and how to dilute them with specific carrier oils for maximum health benefits.  You will learn the uses and effects of 12 commonly-used essential oils along with blending techniques, how to purchase, and how to make your own personal-use products.


$40 – 2 hour class

* Whole Health Education is a registered trademark of the National Institute of Whole Health