About Us

Mission Statement:

The mission of Wellness Paths is to help people improve their health by providing the necessary tools, information, and inspiration. 

Wellness Paths offers education in and the experience of healthy, holistic alternatives which can complement conventional health care. You will learn what the holistic/integrative approach is all about and why so many people, including members of conventional health care, are embracing this method.

Knowledge is power – reducing “dis-ease” using effective coping skills, relaxation techniques, and lifestyle changes learned in a Wellness Paths workshop can help to both heal and prevent disease and illness while promoting increased enjoyment of life. In addition to education, Wellness Paths workshops also provide a sense of community and the opportunity for reflection that promotes self-discovery and wellness. (And did we mention that all workshops contain liberal doses of fun?)

There are many roads to wellness – Wellness Paths provides you with expanded options and facilitates your journey. Whether you are currently in good health or are experiencing health challenges, health education and stress reduction are vitally important to your well-being.

Created by Amanda Murphy, a Registered Nurse, Wellness Paths promotes health by offering creative and effective stress management and wellness coaching, workshops, and retreats. Her practice also includes the option of  bodywork similar to massage with aromatherapy as part of a stress-reduction and wellness plan of care. Wellness Paths is dedicated to helping you take control of your health and wellness, becoming an empowered consumer of health care.

Why Wellness Paths?

The increased incidence of chronic illness along with rising health-care costs demand thinking outside the box of conventional health care toward alternative strategies for health and wellness.

Conventional health care attempts to repair damage to the body or to relieve symptoms, primarily through the use of medication. Because the emotional, nutritional, environmental, and spiritual elements are often overlooked, a fragmented approach, targeted only at physical symptoms, is frequently used.

True healing is not possible with this approach and often one illness after another appears. Holistic/integrative health care is concerned with healing the whole person – body-mind-spirit-emotions – and with preventing “dis-ease.”

Because Amanda understands health care from the inside out and the outside in, having had her own health challenges, she can effectively empower you with the knowledge and skills you need. Amanda’s commitment to continuing education, self-care, and assisting others with their health care goals are good reasons to choose Wellness Paths!

Got Stress?

Stress management is a major focus of Wellness Paths. Stress is a known contributor to many disease states and can also lead to depression, despair, unfulfilling relationships, and numerous ineffective coping strategies such as addictions. Using evidence-based holistic strategies to reduce stress can strengthen the immune system, thus increasing the body’s ability to resist illness and disease while improving over-all health.

A Wellness Paths workshop inspires participants to choose improved health and wellness and to live a more centered, peaceful, and joyful life as options for stress management are discussed and practiced.


Workshops are both dynamic and sensory. Music, compelling imagery, aromas, and healthy recipes are incorporated into the workshops, stimulating the senses for both enjoyment and wellness, allowing participants to learn through direct experience. The use of story-telling, liberal amounts of humor,  and readings further engage and inform participants. Easily-learned relaxation techniques and coping skills allow participants to begin using stress reduction strategies immediately.

Comments from participant evaluations include:

  • “I loved this class…it has made an impact on me on several levels…thank you for this great beginning on a new path.”
  • “Program exceeded expectations…”
  • “…(this class) enables me to be a more centered care-giver.”
  • “…when the student is ready, the teacher appears.”
  • “Thank you from my heart for this compassionate, informative, ambitious seminar…it helps me heal.”
  • “…excellent speaker – held my attention all day…hope to hear her again soon.”
  • “I particularly appreciated inclusion of spiritual, non-typical health topics… and relationship to our overall health.”
  • “Thank you for this time spent in a warm community.”
  • “Great visuals and music!”


Why Wellness Paths?… learn, relax, renew, and have fun! Is it time to find your path?

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