Lunch ‘n Learn

Want healthier, happier, more productive employees? Consider a Wellness Paths Lunch ‘n Learn where they will learn up-to-date, evidence-based health & wellness information on a wide menu of topics prepared and served specially for your group by a “well-seasoned” RN! All are guaranteed informative, inspirational, and fun. Can be held at your place of business or a local venue/restaurant. Developed and delivered by a registered nurse teaching wellness since 1999. Topics include:

  • Holistic Stress Management
  • Holistic Nutrition: Eating Outside the Box!
  • Humor – Jest for the Health of It!
  • Care of the Body, Mind, & Spirit
  • What’s Love Got to do With It?
  • What’s so Funny about Aging?



2 Comments on “Lunch ‘n Learn”

  1. HI Amanda,
    wondering if you have any CEU programs planned for nurses? I did check your calendar and noted one for social workers but not nurses. Have attended your “Care of the body, mind, and spirit” in the past and found it so informative and helpful. Thank you for your time. Laurene Powers

    1. Hi Laurene,

      Thanks for asking and for your comments. I don’t have any CE programs for nurses at this time. I see that you subscribe to my monthly newsletter which will list any upcoming classes. If you know of a group of nurses that would like a health and wellness class, please let me know.


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