RN’s Speak on Aging and Being Mortal:


Challenging Perspectives on Aging and Dying


Two area nurses discovered a mutual passion for empowering Cape Cod’s aging population with tools to embrace a fuller, healthier, more enjoyable life. Together they developed What’s so Funny about Aging and Being Mortal – Challenging Perspectives on Aging & Mortality, a two-hour workshop designed to improve people’s outlooks on the subject along with their health.

Kathleen Budreski, RN and Amanda Murphy, RN are seasoned nurse educators with diverse personal and professional experiences qualifying them to speak on health, wellness, aging, and mortality. As part of Cape Cod’s aging community, they are both committed to developing personal wellness qualities including life-long learning, positive outlooks based on current research and inspirational guides, and by challenging aging stereotypes.

In addition to demonstrating how humor can make aging easier and help prepare us for the inevitable changes that occur with aging, they explore and debunk several myths of aging. For example, the “aging equates with disease” myth is exposed through a look at several lifestyle factors which are known to impact disease development. Research is presented which shows we can live healthy lives well into our 90’s and beyond with lifestyle review and by opting for healthier ways of life.

By providing insights into new models of aging based on current scientific study, the instructors offer an opportunity to experience positive eldering.  For example, emerging evidence continues to show positive health outcomes linked to the spiritual practices of elders regardless of religious or non-religious background. Experiential activities related to humor, memoir, and gratitude are weaved into the workshop in order to learn first-hand the value of positive practices.

While this class is for everyone, professional nurses and social workers can earn continuing education credits while learning new skills to enrich the lives of themselves, their families, and their clients. For more information call Wellness Paths at 508.862.6395.

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