Who’s Taking Care of Mom, Wife, Friend, Sister, Daughter…..



Women are traditionally the care-takers. Whether you’re a nurse as I am or not, we as women are charged with taking care of others in a multitude of ways. We send out sympathy and birthday cards, plan dinners, provide support to a friend in need, attend PTA meetings and attend to a never ending list of other tasks that help support the family and our other relationships. But what do we do to take care of ourselves and where do we find the resources to keep our bodies/minds/spirits intact? And how do we nourish the well from which we must draw to nurture others? There’s no one right way to answer this but there are many things we can do to manage the stress that drains our energy and to fill the well from which we drink. Women’s Day of Wellness will provide you with many of the tips and techniques you need to help nurture and nourish yourself so you can be available to those you care for. We strongly encourage you to BRING A FRIEND although you will make new friends at the event if you come alone. This is a day for renewal, education, relaxation, connection, inspiration and FUN! Topics include:


Holistic Self Care

Organize Your Way to Wellness

Stress Management

Time Management for Stress Reduction

Experiential sessions include interactive presentations, songs, qi gong, yoga, guided imagery, “one stone” meditation, and zumba

thCA749MCKCall Amanda for more info: 508.862.6395 or register online at www.wellnesspaths.com/womens-day-of-wellness


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